DOMESTIC HEATING We carry out all forms of Domestic Heating Installation & Maintenance Utilise a Biomass install to reduce your power consumption from the grid. Benefit from Government heat incentives to boost your income whilst saving power. Our engineers have a vast experience in a wide range of Biomass products. Installing & Maintaining Domestic Boilers & Central Heating Ember Energy are Renewable Energy Specialists and we are also specialists in Domestic Central Heating Systems/ Gas Boilers. We carry out all repairs, installs and maintenance to make sure your premises is running efficiently and to reduce downtime. We offer finance on boiler installs to take the pressure away should you need a new boiler or if you are upgrading. Our Engineers are Gas Safe Registered and fully accredited to carry out boiler installation, boiler replacements, boiler servicing and landlord gas safety inspections. Boiler Breakdowns Annual Boiler Servicing Boiler Repair Work Landlord Safety Certificates [...]



AIR SOURCE HEAT PUMPS ASHP's systems are able to extract heat from the air to interior. Even when it's cold, there is still heat that can be extracted from the air. Use less electricity/gas to heat your premises with a ASHP. Our engineers have a vast experience in ASHP installations. Absorb Heat From The Air To Reduce Your Bills Ideal for off grid homes or well insulated buildings, Air Source Heat Pumps can extract the heat from the air outside and pull it inside. Some systems are able to reverse this process in Summer and take the heat from the home and push it outside to provide a cooling function too. The system works similarly to a fridge that draws the heat from inside and pushes it to the rear of the fridge where it dissipates. Air Source Heat Pumps increase energy efficiency of your premises and are classed as renewable due to the heat being provided by [...]



RHI SUBMISSION If you need assistance with RHI and BSL Registration and Submissions, we can help. Have your paperwork chores taken care of by specialists. Minimise delays and errors, ensuring quicker payments. Our team manage many client's submission and registration needs. We Can Help Make The Process Easier For many of us, paper work is an unwanted chore and many of us have businesses that keep us on the go and spare time is a luxury. For this reason Ember Energy is there to assist you. We can take care of your RHI/BSL Registration and Submissions for you, leaving you free to focus on doing what you do best. Not only does this save time, but it ensures that the process is completed quickly and you know that it has been carried out by experts. Specialist help. Saves time. Iron out any issues. Correct errors. Peace of Mind Ensure that [...]



GROUND SOURCE HEAT PUMPS GSHP's use pipes sited underground to extract heat from the land. All year round usage due to the ground staying a consistent temperature. Use less electricity/gas to heat your premises with a GSHP. Our engineers have a vast experience in GSHP installations. Tap Into Underground Heat To Reduce Your Bills On a cold, frosty day we often assume there is no heat to be found without using electricity or gas - but did you know under the ground, the temperature remains relatively stable regardless of the surface temperatures? This is due to earth and soil being a great insulator. A Ground Source Heat Pump circulates water around underground pipes and extracts the heat and passes it onto your heating/water system, providing you with all year round heat. Ground Source Heat Pumps can be installed under ground and under rivers and wells. They can also be used for cooling, by using the ground as a [...]



SERVICING & MAINTENANCE Prevent downtime and loss of income by servicing your renewable energy technologies. Prevent loss of income by servicing your energy products. Extend the life of the product with preventative maintenance. Our engineers have a vast experience in servicing renewable products. Proper Servicing Prevents Downtime And Income Loss Few things are as frustrating as having to go without heat or water due to an issue with your heating. Also if you are utilising RHI incentives, any downtime causes a loss of income while your system is being diagnosed and fixed. It is imperative that you have a servicing schedule in place, in accordance with the manufacturers specifications but also that you have engineers with the correct accreditation and relations with suppliers to make sure your products are serviced properly and with reliable components to prevent any issues or damage. We service across the UK and have decades of experience in everything from the smallest domestic products [...]